Stunning Duplex Merges Japanese Design & Natural Stone Elements

By: Alex Jun 14th, 2019

West 72nd Street has never looked so good. A duplex on this very thoroughfare was recently given a brilliantly thoughtful and beautifully executed renovation by architect Lillian H Weinreich and her team, using design sensibilities which merge the “ideals of wabi (transient stark beauty), sabi (patina, aging), and yugen (profound subtlety), according to the team’s description of the project.

The flowing open kitchen and dining room area makes great use of natural stone countertops, incorporating equally flowing natural mineral patterning in warm neutral tones. The natural stone slabs perfectly complement the polished cabinetry and burnished wood floors leading into the sitting areas, creating a functional workspace, an open and airy social area and a beautifully balanced color scheme.

Continuing into the master bath, natural stone slabs with a beautifully veined smoky gray-and-white color scheme form the shower surround, floors, wall coverings, countertops and spacious tub, forming an elegant and peaceful space to relax and unwind. The on-trend floor-to-ceiling expanse of natural stone is given further visual interest by segmenting the slabs into generously-sized tiles, creating an even more intricate pattern of veining as the tiles climb the walls and shower surround.

The powder room also gets its fair share of natural stone treatment, featuring a healthy dose of earth-toned natural stone as both countertops and wall treatments. The very subtle warm tones of the natural stone slabs complement a tiled floor and paint scheme with similar hues, balancing the richly patterned gold-and-cocoa tones of the cabinetry.

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