Top Kitchen Trends 2019

By: Dipietro Trading May 9th, 2019

Whether you’re thinking of a complete kitchen renovation or just a few added touches here and there, 2019’s kitchen design trends will inspire you to give the most-used room in your home a little extra pizzazz. A longtime favorite of luxury home architects and designers, natural stone continues to make waves in 2019, but in new and even more beautiful ways.

Trend: Raw Materials

Gone are the days when slick synthetics ruled the kitchen with a futuristic plastic vibe. The emphasis this year, as it was in 2018, is on natural materials of all types. Materials like wood, shiplap, jute, and of course, natural stone in its many varieties will be the focal points of many a designer’s work this year.

Trend: Mixed Metal Fixtures

“Out with the old, and in with the brass” is the new motto for 2019 when it comes to kitchen fixtures. A nostalgic trend for glamorous and gritty brass taps has consumed the kitchen design community. Many are even mixing metals, with beautiful effect – think pewter and matte black, or gunmetal and brass.

Trend: Stone Shows up In New Places

While we all love a polished marble countertop or a striking bookmatched backsplash, natural stone has found a whole new lease on life in the form of 2019’s kitchen design trends. This year, the trend for concealed hoods and handleless kitchens has opened up a new avenue for stone in the form of drawer fronts and hood vent covers. Many designers are creating kitchen designs clad entirely in granite, marble and quartzite – a bold, yet sleek way to incorporate natural stone in an on-trend way.

Trend: Open Shelving

With minimalism on the way out, many architects and designers are incorporating open shelving into their kitchen designs. This bold design choice echoes the shelving in restaurants and hotels, lending an edgy flair without being too rebellious, while also allowing the opportunity for homeowners to display prized kitchen items, such as collectible serving bowls, or the family’s favorite mugs.

Trend: Tall Backsplashes

Gone are the days of your grandmother’s foot-tall tile backsplash. In 2019, backsplashes are a design element, towering up the ceiling in some luxe designs. Katharine Pooley recently said of this trend in Elle Décor, “Tall backsplashes clad with heavily veined marble such as Arabascatto or Calacatta Oro will be making waves in high-brow design circles.” A tall backsplash is the perfect showcase for a striking bookmatched slab of marble or quartzite. Try the bookmatching feature while browsing your favorite slabs at to get a preview of how your bookmatched backsplash can look.

Final Thoughts

2019 promises to be a year of exciting design progress and technological improvements for the entire home, but especially in the kitchen. While many things, like stainless steel, are on their way out of fashion’s favor, other beautiful trends are rapidly taking their place, and fortunately, natural stone continues to be a perennial favor, not just last year, or this year, but for many years of beautiful design to come.

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