Natural Stone Showcase: Granite

By: Alex Jun 14th, 2019

Granite slabs are a variety of natural stone with a rich history as a favorite design element among upscale kitchen and bath designers, and with good reason – granite is not only naturally beautiful and undeniably luxurious, but also provides an element of timeless durability and inherent “no-two-slabs- alike” uniqueness which make any utilitarian design element into a work of art.

With this in mind, let’s explore the vibrant range of types and uses of granite for your next design project.


A granite slab begins its life as a mass of molten rock 11-12 miles underground due to volcanic activity. Over time, this mass slowly rises to the earth’s surface, cooling and solidifying over hundreds of thousands or millions of years into granite. As the land above the granite erodes, due to forces of nature such as water or wind, the masses of granite slowly become exposed as the granite quarries from which we draw this beautiful stone today.

Design Applications

Granite’s patterns and colors are as varied as the areas of the world from which they come, and can be enhanced in a variety of ways, such as by book matching or quarter matching, as shown below, to bring out the natural complexity and rich hues of your chosen slab. Granite is most often a fine-to-medium- grained stone with a versatile range of applications, such as counter tops, back splashes, shower surrounds, floors, sinks, and as components of tile or mosaic applications. Granite usually displays a range of hues on the darker, cooler side of the color spectrum, such as rich charcoal and black tones.

Jet Mist Granite

This slab is shown in its natural state, with no additional design treatments, such as book matching or quarter matching. Quarter matching is a process by which a chunk of stone is cut in an “unfolding” pattern, much like folding a sheet of paper outward into quarters. This creates stunningly unique patterns using only the natural stone, creating lovely centerpiece design elements.

Jet Mist Granite – Quarter matched

This is the same slab as above, shown as a finished quarter matched slab with DiPietro Trading’s proprietary quarter matching tool, available for use on any slab of stone on their website.


Granite surfaces which see a lot of use, such as counter tops, will at times need to be maintained and cleaned. Granite requires a different set of maintenance steps than synthetic surfaces such as Formica or quartz, starting with a daily cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust. If substances are spilled on the counters that can’t be removed with the dry cloth, always be sure to use a cleaner made just for granite, and never use harsh or abrasive cleansers. These can pit, scratch and “etch” the surface of the granite, making it look less than lovely over time. Re-sealing your granite each year helps prevent most stains and discoloration due to spills, as the porous nature of the stone leaves it open to soaking up oily, acidic and dark-colored spills, damaging its surface and causing ugly stains

Final Thoughts

Granite has long been a staple of kitchen and bathroom design in luxury interior design, and is quickly becoming a mainstay of such design elements as fireplace surrounds and furniture as well. From the subtle to the striking, granite design elements provide a durable, elegant and naturally beautiful finish to any design project.

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