Natural Stone for Bathroom Countertops: Choosing The Right Stone

By: Dipietro Trading Dec 28th, 2018

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Considering what material you should use for your countertops?

When it comes to master bathroom renovations, you can’t ignore the countertops. In fact, 83% of homeowners put bathroom countertops as their third priority. Change the countertops and you’ve already made a huge statement!

Natural stone has an organic appeal, no two stones are alike, allowing your design to be an expression of your personality and taste. It’s timeless and elegant. Natural stone is also extremely durable.

Here are 5 natural stones that are ideal for countertop applications.


This timeless, classic, elegant stone is worth the investment. The use of polished marble elevates any design and room, marble is available in a full spectrum of colors: from soft pink, snowy white, to yellow, green and even black.

What’s important to be aware of is that not all marble is the same quality and you don’t want to compromise quality for a lower price. If you decide that you want marble for your countertops, you’ll want to talk to a supplier (like us!) that sources their stone from a top quarry in Italy or Brazil. Buyer beware there is a lot of fake stone being passed off as authentic Italian stone coming out of China. The risk of not using top quality marble is that it will not last, it’s more prone to chipping, staining and etching.

Natural Stone: There is No Substitute!


Limestone is a popular stone for bathroom countertops. It’s heat-resistant, and comes in a wide array of colors, usually in a matte finish. It’s a readily available stone and is on the more affordable side. People are drawn to this stone for the fact that it captures organic fossilized elements in it, creating a very organic aesthetic.

Because limestone is porous, needs to be well treated and sealed as it can be more prone to absorbing stains. Also, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep it looking new.


Slate is a beautiful, textured rock that is popular in countertops. Its coarse surface offers a perfect rustic vibe to your bathroom (or any room). It also comes in a variety of colors, ranging from blacks and browns to greens and reds.

It’s also very durable, which is great for the high traffic the average bathroom sees. Like limestone, it’s heat-resistant – but unlike limestone, it is denser, which means it’s more resistant to staining.

For homeowners who have children, pets, and/or a lot of activity in your home slate can be a great choice.


Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, with two types, the rock steatite is the type used for countertops, flooring and other home improvement applications. Even more dense than slate is soapstone. It comes in a variety of creamy, neutral hues, such as whites, greys, and browns. Although it is a softer stone, it’s very strong, meaning that it will have longevity and also requires low maintenance.


Unlike marble, granite colors are more rigid and spotted. It offers a more mottled (while still classy) appearance. It is an extremely hard stone, birthed by volcanic activity, it has crystallization which creates a sparkling effect. It’s very resistant to scratching and yet has a surface that is as smooth and glossy as marble.

To preserve its biological appearance, consider sealing it, as well. Granite also benefits from another layer of protection.

Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops: A Classic Choice

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to the right stone for your countertops, the one thing that rings true no matter the type is: there is no substitute for natural stone.

As a leading Natural Stone Distributor we supply New York and Connecticut’s top designers and fabricators with the stone slabs for their projects, that said we can support projects of any size. We even offer a half-slab program, which you can inquire about.

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