Design-Builder Sergio Mercado Brings Distinctively Thoughtful Style to a Williamsburg Carriage House

By: Alex Jun 14th, 2019

This Williamsburg townhouse, a somewhat ordinary building from the outside, reveals a world of modernized grandeur just inside through the skilled attentions of design-builder Sergio Mercado Design. Only the classic exterior of this ground-up development was in place when Sergio and his team arrived on the scene, giving them unprecedented influence into the homes’ layout and key design elements from day one.

This gave the SMD team a chance to influence all aspects of both the interior and architectural aspects of the entire project and paved the way for the creation of the one-of-a-kind gem you see below.

The soaring ceilings of this light-filled kitchen contribute to the air of tranquil elegance created by the cool-toned neutral color palette and softly textured surfaces. The ample natural materials, such as the simple wooden dining table, balanced with sleek modern touches, such as the angular light fixtures, create the impression of an intentional, yet relaxed design.

The crowning achievement of this kitchen, anchoring all other elements with its central positioning and eye-catching natural patterning, is the spacious natural stone island complete with waterfall countertops flowing down each end. The polished marble surface adds a soft glow to the understated, yet color-coordinated, cabinetry and furniture completing this lovely kitchen.

The central use of the same natural stone slabs continues into the bathroom, where we find the minimalist décor focused around the subtle patterning of the natural marble sink surround and countertops.

Moving out into the shower surround area and down the hall to the master bedroom’s walk-in closet, we find a broad expanse of the same natural marble slabs in the form of a floor and shower surround. The flowing patterns and spa-like color combinations seem to move the morning routine of the home’s occupants effortlessly from shower to closet to vanity and back again, creating calm out of the expected chaos of an NYC morning.

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